Our Hotel Graf Zeppelin is one of the most photographed buildings in the old part of Constance. And quite right! Located in the city centre and yet at the fringe of the hustle and bustle it is a cultural-historical highlight.

The laying of the foundation stone took place in 1835. Back then, it was named “Deutsches Haus” which means “German House”. This can still be seen in its richly decorated façade in the style of historicism. In the year 1900, the building burnt down to its foundation walls. However, the people of Constance were not put off by this: They rebuilt the house within little time in its original state and put up the façade painting again.

The opulent decoration represents to the outside what is continued in the inside: Hotel Graf Zeppelin is a house full of tradition where even little details receive attention. Consequently, at the front side of the building the imperial eagle of Wilhelmine Germany can be seen with a shield of the Prussian Hohenzollern on its chest. In addition, the municipal coat of Constance, historical costumes as well as the imperial insignia find their places on the façade. With this ornamentation, it was suggested to guests and viewers of the house that they stepped into a building where local and regional history met. This is also true for the interior design where handcrafted elements of many generations go along with each other.

Since 1965, the house is named after Ferdinand Graf on Zeppelin, the famous pioneer of German aviation. He was born in Constance on July 8th, 1838.
This fits our hotel perfectly: We cultivate tradition and have the future firmly in view. 

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